Switching Up Seasonal Clothing

Published on 8/30/2017

Switching Up Your Seasonal Clothing

Robertson Blvd Mini Storage

Winter is upon us. The earth has begun to tilt away from the sun bringing with it the cold, bitter breeze freezing all in its path. With winter setting in, it’s time to set those tank tops and flip flops aside for what we all know as winter layers. While switching out your clothing line every season can be tedious, Robertson Blvd Mini Storage is here to help. We know that your space is limited and you can’t possibly keep all of your clothes in your closet. Here are some tips and tricks for storing your clothing to help you get through this winter and the following seasons.

Out with the old, In with the new

Look, we know it's hard to get rid of that shirt and matching pant bottom that your grandma gave you four years ago that you've worn once. We get it. However, first things first when it comes to switching out seasonal clothing and that's why getting rid of your old, unworn clothes is the place to start. By getting rid of these clothes, you open up valuable space in your closet and in storage. One smart way to donate your clothes is always through services like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Deseret Industries. Since you aren't going to continue wearing these clothes, why not assist another family or person?

Clean as a Whistle

Someone once said, "A clean place is a safe place." In the case of your clothes and your closet, this phrase couldn't be more true. Before storing and replacing your seasonal clothing, clean your whole closet. Vacuuming can eliminate adult pests and their children...Gross we know. Moreover, cleaning will remove dust, crumbs, and beverage stains that could attract more pests like the clothes moth or silverfish that can wreak havoc on your clothing.

Along with cleaning your closet, make sure your wash all of the clothes you are putting it to storage. Cleaning your clothing resists pests and also eliminate any problem stains or spots that would otherwise get worse during their time in storage.

Containers > Cardboard Boxes

Picture this. You are moving away from your college dorm. You only have cardboard boxes to place all of your clothing and other personal items. Finally, you finish loading everything into these cardboard boxes and begin to lug the awkward boxes down the stairs of your dorm. Suddenly, BAM! All of your items fall out the bottom of the cardboard box spilling all over the staircase. Not only are cardboard boxes weak and awkward to carry, they aren't ideal when you are storing clothing. Cardboard boxes are a short term storage option. When storing your seasonal clothing, stick to plastic containers with lids. These containers, though not airtight, protect your clothing from unwanted pests while also being easy to move and manipulate in space like a self storage unit.

There's No Place Like Home....or Self Storage

Once you have all of your clothes boxed up and ready to be hauled to the basement or attic, think about this. Basements and attics can be too humid for the storage of any valuable items, which we know those clothes are valuable right? Consider using a self storage unit from Robertson Blvd Mini Storage. Self storage units especially climate controlled storage units provide an environment where mold, mildew, and insects cannot thrive. It's worth that extra couple bucks to know your stuff is protected properly.  

When it comes to switching out your seasonal clothing, it can be time consuming. However, by following some of our tips and tricks, we hope we can save you the time and headache next time those seasons change.